Onyx is a banded variation of chalcedony (quartz). The colors of the bands vary from almost every color, except shades of colors such as blue and purple. Usually onyx will contain colors such as white, brown and tan.

Black onyx stones are polished so as to enhance their appearance and are found to be a member of the quartz family. In modern day use many people talk about black onyx stone in order to distinguish from the other varieties of onyx stones available from limestone suppliers, which come in reddish-brown and white bands. The Onyx stone comes layered in different colors.

The amber onyx natural limestone is a transparent stone found at high elevation exclusively in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. It is similar to marble in strength and other traits but is more versatile for wall tiles and other interior design and architectural applications. It is also rich in color and its polished surface allows amber onyx to be used for various decorative purposes such as mantels, fountains, windows and light fixtures.

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