Marble Products

Marble results from the metamorphism of limestone, and is composed mostly of a crystalline form of calcium carbonate called calcite.

Marble is a popular building material choice and it is also perfect for making sculptures, among many other applications. It is extremely varied and has colorful patterns which make it a favorite for decorative materials.

White marble is coveted for its use in sculptures dating back to the classical times. The preference of white marble for this art medium is because of its relative softness and uniformity, as well as its resistance to shattering. Construction marble is often chosen for high traffic zones due to its durability and other natural properties that make it easy to clean.

Different types of Marble

There are of course many different types of marble:

Bucova Marble: Comes in white and gray and is found in Romania

Carrara marble: Blue-gray and white, found in Italy

Boticena marble: Comes in an array of colors and textures and is found in Pakistan

Sienese marble: This yellowish-white and yellow marble is found in Italy

Tennessee marble: Tennessee marble comes in pale pink and cedar red, and found in the United States

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