Boasting the largest selection of limestone in Florida and a reputation for superior customer service, design, and fabrication, Haifa Limestone has become paramount to the creation of high-end residential homes throughout the state and beyond. According to president Desmond Keogh, this success is due in part to the company’s belief in innovation and evolution. “We made a huge transformation when we went digital,” he says. “All of our field measurements are now done with laser digital templating, after which the approved file goes to our CNC waterjet saw for fabrication. This required retraining for our entire staff.” Haifa imports unique materials from more than 50 countries, and with 29 years in the business, Keogh instinctively knows what it is for which his clients are looking. Of today’s interior styles, he points to a distinct change. “The aesthetic has shifted from Mediterranean Revival to minimal modern, which is at the highest level ever,” he says. 

Haifa Limestone is renowned for its superior limestone products available in a broad range of texture and color. Haifa’s stone is sourced from the finest quarries in France, Jerusalem, India, Egypt, Italy, and Spain. These quarries are used for the great cathedrals, national monuments and notable residences in Europe and the United States. With over 30 years of experience, Haifa Limestone is the direct importer, fabricator, installer and restoration specialist for all indoor and outdoor stone applications. Haifa’s stone options are available in slab or tile and come in a variety of finishes, such as honed, polished, patina or tumbled.


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