Haifa Floor

At Haifa Limestone, we comprehend choices that need be made while making, building, and changing design spaces. Our way to deal with site coordination and establishment expects to facilitate that experience. We’ve planned a procedure to meet vision-particular needs since we need to become acquainted with you and help create something substantially greater at last.

Our tasks aren’t devoted to the large-scale manufacturing and conveyance of a high-volume stock, thus our dedication doesn’t end with the satisfaction of a shipment. Rather, we’ve taken control of the store network by building up worldwide coordination and establishment arms that expand our responsibility the distance to the area of your site’s improvement, when and where you require it the most.

We’ve taken control of the store network by setting up worldwide coordinations guidelines that expand our responsibility the distance to the area of your site’s improvement.

We’ll utilize our production network ability and worldwide reach to explore, oversee, and arrange the coordinations of stone material from delivery and traditions freedom to inland trucking and distribution center organizing. This finely-tuned, streamlined process will guarantee the advancement of your undertaking is never postponed.

As opposed to satisfying item arranges with an “out of the picture, therefore irrelevant” approach, our dedication is to the acknowledgment of your motivation, since we comprehend a stone item’s esteem is estimated in the completed area of your site, not the bundled item that is en route. Amid the site establishment process, we’ll utilize very gifted stone bricklayers, upheld by the mastery of the whole stone inventory network, so as to convey your motivation, completely figured it out.

Expert team assembled:

Our experienced and skilled staff will see the project through from beginning to end. Whether it is the creation of specific exterior products, the design and installation of kitchen countertops or if they need to cut limestone, every aspect of the project will receive skilled and precise labor in order to ensure attention to every detail.