We will travel anywhere across the globe to source the finest in stone and glass.


It all starts with finding choice materials from around the world. Hand selected with over 40 years of experience and an eye for only the finest mother nature has to offer.

At Haifa, we understand, first-hand, the mountain of decisions that must be made while creating, constructing, and transforming architectural spaces.

Our approach to product sourcing and fabrication intends to ease that experience. At Haifa, we’re focused on maintaining the integrity of your inspiration by providing quality stone products that meet vision-specific needs.

We’ve taken ownership of the supply chain and placed your inspiration at the center of our commitment. That means, we understand not every project-specific need requires the development of a custom stone product. Rather than apply pressure to reinvent the wheel, our product sourcing service approach is marked by efficiency and dedication to your vision-specific needs.

We’ll use our supply chain expertise and global reach to navigate the stone market and source any stone product that maintains the integrity of your inspiration and bottom-line, minus the compromises in quality or cost.

At Haifa, we’ve established manufacturing operations dedicated to our customer’s vision-specific needs and marked by efficiency. You won’t have to compromise the integrity of your inspiration with a cookie-cutter production system or grapple with the scheduling constraints of a third-party fabricator.

We’ve implemented production systems that allow for exceptional flexibility and quality control in order to deliver your custom stone product right when you need it, just as expected, and free of common contingencies holding up development.

“It all starts with finding choice materials from around the world.”

As a leader in the stone industry, we have also taken it upon us to address the ethics and sustainability that allows us to quarry natural stone from the ground.

“Haifa has been a major choice among top architects, distinguished builders, and luxury homeowners.”

By having worldwide resources, we acquire most elegant natural material from all over the world. We manufacture and create the product to fit customer’s design. With today’s innovative technology and cutting-edge equipment, we can slice the rock into fine slabs and turn the block into exquisite kitchen countertops, great room floors, patio decks and many more.

Stone Quarries Around the World