Florida Key Stone

Florida key stone is exclusively found and quarried in the southern tip of Florida, and it is also referred to by its other names, Cut coral or Keystone. There are several benefits to selecting Florida key as the natural stone of choice, which include:

Aesthetic appeal: This timeless stone and its beauty will add not only visual appeal to the property, but will certainly add to its value as well

Durability: Florida key is a naturally stronger stone and much more durable than other types of stones. It requires little maintenance and reduces the ongoing cost of ownership.

Appearance: Constant moisture will not wash out the color of Florida key stone and will not degrade its surface either

Keystone is ultimately a type of limestone. It is mainly quarried from the Windley Key fossil quarry, which is now a Florida State Park. Florida Key is Pleistocene in age and consists mainly of Scleractinian (or stony) coral, such as Brain coral and Elkhorn coral.

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