Flagstone is a generic flat stone that is often used in slabs for paving, walkways, roofing, and patios. As of late, it has also been used for facades, headstones, for memorials and other constructions.

This sedimentary rock is split into layers along bedding planes and is normally a form of sandstone which is composed of quartz and feldspar and is erinaceous in grain size. The color of flagstone is due to the binding materials, namely silica, calcite, and iron oxide. Flagstone typically comes in blue, red and buff, although more exotic colors also exist.

Different Types of Flagstone

Aztec Flagstones: Aztec Flagstones feature a rustic look which culminates in a warm effect both indoors and outdoors. The Aztec flagstone is also a slip-resistant paver which fares extremely well as patio stone, pool surrounds and in other landscaping applications

Segment Pavers: Circles are used to break repetitions in patterns and linear effects. The Segment Circle flagstones is ideal for use around trees, swimming pools and ponds

Patterned Flagstone: Also referred to as random rectangles, this type of flagstone is sawn or chopped into squares and rectangles for paving applications which necessitate a more clean and formal look.

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