Corton Limestone

Corton is a stone steeped in French history and emanates from the Burgundy region. The Corton limestone is a type of limestone that comes from the French Gréchons quarry, which is an open-cast deposit in the municipality of Ladoix-Serrigny (Côte d’Or) in France.

The Corton limestone is a honey-colored sedimentary rock which has pink veins and is an extremely hard limestone. Because of its hard exterior, Corton can be polished and installed in heavy traffic areas without the stone’s finishing or quality being compromised.

The Corton limestone range is ideal for kitchens and floors for people who want an authentic “provincial” look. The modern-day Corton limestone finds its unique coloring from a mix of fallen grapes and rainwater said to be seeping into the quarry since the reign of King Charlemagne in 778 A.D.

Haifa Limestone is a Corton Limestone supplier that quarries this type of limestone before transforming it into a wide range of beautiful applications for commercial and residential use which extend to stair beads, exterior cladding, pool paving and wine cellars, among other uses. Haifa General looks for the densest, hardest and least porous Corton limestone, and selects it based on its durability and beauty.

Haifa Limestone has a broad range of Corton limestone products. Their Corton stone products emanate from the foremost quarries and goes through a stringent quality control process designed to meet the rigid standards of the stone industry. With more than thirty years experience in the market, Haifa Limestone prides itself on its vast selections of natural stone and expertise in their field.