Castle Stone

There are few things in life that look quite as elegant and ageless as well maintained castle stone walls. Castle stone remains an eternally everlasting rock which adds a distinct stylishness whether it is used for surrounding a garden or applied to the face of an upscale modern home. Its use can also be used for patios and chimneys.

Castle stone products virtually last forever. The color in the stone goes all the way through the rock, which means that it will never wear away.

Castle Stone Molds

The popularity of castle stone molds is also on the increase, as more and more consumers not only want the texture and old-style appeal of castle stone, but also the look and feel of it. Many different molds ranging in size from 1.5” to 18”x18” molds are used to recreate the historic effect associated with castle stone. It is now possible to create a stately look of a castle wall on virtually any vertical or horizontal surface by using the correct castle stone mold.

Haifa Limestone Castle Stone Supplier

Haifa Limestone is a castle stone supplier that supplies quality castle stone from the finest quarries around the world. With more than thirty years experience working with many types of different stones, their loyal customer base has grown exponentially and placed Haifa Limestone at the forefront of the global limestone and precious stone industry. Because of their global presence and decades of service in the industry, consumers and contractors can buy castle stone from Haifa with confidence.