Precious stones

Precious stone has many uses in construction and mosaic designs. These precious stones are considered as such because of their beautiful finishes and their rarity. Their use extends to mosaic designs, cladding, countertops and it can also be carved into delicate shapes.

Precious stones are also used in stone sculpture, which dates back to prehistoric times. It can be used for adornment as part of décor designs, or can even form part of the design in cases of countertops and even different types of limestone fireplaces.

The demand for precious stone in décor design and mosaic art has always been high, and continues to be in demand in modern day interior design and architecture. Its ability to add value to architectural structures such as countertops and fireplaces make it a highly sought after stone for many commercial and residential property owners.

We one of the world’s premier limestone suppliers, and have been involved in the limestone and precious stone industry for more than thirty years. Our services extend to the quarrying, design, installation, maintenance and restoration of all types of limestone.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products and services is only some of the aspects which continue to set us apart from their competitors. Our dedicated and trained staff are skilled in the installation and maintenance of all types of limestone. We only quarry our precious stone from the world’s foremost quarries.

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