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We are a leading limestone supplier to both the domestic and International market. We produce a variety of high quality and exotic types of limestone quarried from superior quarries scattered around the globe. Our commitment to quality limestone products and impeccable workmanship has kept us one step ahead of our competitors for decades and continues to be one of its biggest draw cards.

Frequently Asked Questions about types of limestone:

Isn't limestone too porous to use on kitchen counters?  I've heard it stains easily. Like everything else in life, all Limestone’s are not created equal. This is where we at HAIFA Limestone come in, 25 years of specializing in Limestone , the best Limestones in the world that we have been supplying and installing in high-end homes for all these years.  Because we are not just importers, we have been fabricating and installing all our materials in every possible design and application for decades. Therefore, our loyal following of Designers, Architects, Builders and Homeowners alike have confidence in HAIFA LIMESTONES because we own the stones.

How often will a restoration be needed? At HAIFA we have developed various unique finishes for each Limestone, finishes that stand up to normal use and abuse. HAIFA Restoration and Maintenance department is there for clients in the event that some restoration is needed, taking away the fear of some inexperienced mechanic doing the wrong thing to the stone. Generally we don’t get called back for maintenance, but when we do the average Kitchen can be re-honed and sealed in 2-3 hours. 

Isn't limestone considered a "soft" stone? Public perception on this subject is so. However the density and porosity of every Stone is unique to that particular stone. Just like individual finger prints or the human IQ. It’s our job to select the best, that is what you will see when you visit the HAIFA Showroom , our collection has been edited and driven by the most discriminating clients.

How does limestone stand up to heavy traffic, heat and spills in the kitchen? The first question we ask a client, is what finish do you want, Polished, Honed, Patina, Tumbled etc.?  When we narrow this question down, and then we determine where the stone will be installed, at this stage we can advise on suitability for the specific stone in question. Example , it it’s a Kitchen counter in Limestone we will advise that the material be Honed , with a flat matte finish. NO Shine. If the Limestone was installed Polished, one would soon see dull spots and the annoying evidence of how Acid from Citric and Wine will burn the shine off, it's acid reacting to the calcium in the stone,  no sealer can prevent or protect from this reaction. The solution is the proper finish for that stone will match how the acid reacts and the tops stay consistent. 

What causes quartz’s blue color? The beautiful blue coloring in quartz results from the Rayleigh scattering found in the quartz. Thin slabs of quartz will appear blue in reflected light, however it will appear to be an orange-brown in transmitted light (similar to the explanation why the sky is blue).
What are the causes of water spots on marble? Unless the water contains unusual mineral substances, dull spots on marble floors and counters are caused by exposure to various products which contain acids such as citric acid and vinegar.

Which cleaning aids are used for cleaning stone? Neutral stone cleaners can be applied to natural rock regularly. There are other specialized cleaners available for removing waxes and mildew.

How is granite formed? Granite is a natural and hard igneous rock with its standard components encompassing quartz, feldspar, biotite and several other minerals.

What are the best uses for granite? Granite is best suited for kitchen countertops, fireplaces, tiles and many other custom designs.

We are a limestone supplier committed to not only meeting but also exceeding all of our customers’ expectations. Quality products of all types of limestone and fantastic service are guaranteed for all projects and products, regardless of the size of the project.

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